The Sub-Working Group (SWG) on Socio-Economic Reintegration is jointly chaired by UNDP and ILO and was established to enhance the overall improvement of reintegration efforts at the Headquarters and field levels. IAWG members acknowledged the need to address both urban and rural reintegration issues as well as linkages between the socio-economic reintegration of ex-combatants and associated groups with wider economic recovery.

Key Tasks / Services

The core task of the SWG is to align the IDDRS with the UN Policy for Post-Conflict Employment Creation, Income Generation and Reintegration (2009). The Policy aims to serve as a common UN instrument for shared guidance, tools and good practices, specifically on how to link employment and reintegration. The SWG is also working towards the improvement of psychosocial support in reintegration, including to prevent Gender Based Violence (GBV), and to provide psychological support based on specific needs of men, women, boys and girls.

Furthermore, the SWG on Reintegration led the revision of the IDDRS module 4.30 on Socio-Economic Reintegration, which was validated by IAWG members in November 2010.The objectives of the revision included the development ofknowledge on, and a systematic and coordinated approach to, social, economic and political reintegration; the sharing and pooling of information on reintegration-related issues and efforts taken by the IAWG members and other relevant non-IAWG actors; compiling of good practices and lessons learned on the issue of socio-economic reintegration, including rural and urban, with due consideration to gender, youth and children; and to ensure coherence between standards on social and economic reintegration and the UN Policy for Post-Conflict Employment Creation, Income Generation and Reintegration as well as other global documents.


Key initiatives of the SWG on Reintegration include:

  • The revision, testing and validation of IDDRS module 4.30 on reintegration
  • Thorough review of reintegration efforts throughout 2010. This included a detailed mapping of UN-supported reintegration programmes, which was used to inform a report of the Secretary-General (A/65/741) on DDR focusing on reintegration. The mapping exercise is envisaged to be undertaken annually in order to track reintegration efforts, gaps and results.

The SWG on Reintegration identified as key next steps: to identify how to best implement the Policy Committee decision of November 2010 and decisions and recommendations found in the report of the Secretary-General on DDR (A/65/741) by moving policy into practice. This includes the development of a multi-year reintegration strategy to support the scaling up of reintegration programmes.  The SWG will also continue to work on compiling lessons and good practices to provide the requested programmatic guidance as a complement to the reintegration module.