The Foreword to the IDDRS

"The disarmament, demobilization and reintegration (DDR) of former combatants and those associated with armed groups is often a prerequisite for post-conflict stability and recovery. Of course, there can be no substitute for national leadership and the political commitment of warring parties to disarm and demobilize. But in a peacekeeping environment, a successful DDR programme depends highly on the ability of the United Nations system to plan, manage and implement a coherent and effective DDR strategy."

The Integrated DDR Standards(IDDRS)

The IDDRS have been drafted on the basis of lessons and best practices drawn from the experience of all the departments, agencies, funds and programmes involved to provide the UN system with a set of policies, guidelines and procedures for the planning, implementation and monitoring of DDR programmes in a peacekeeping context. The three main aims of the IDDRS are: * To give DDR practitioners the opportunity to make informed decisions based on a clear, flexible and in-depth body of guidance across the range of DDR activities; * To serve as a common foundation for the commencement of integrated operational planning in Headquarters and at the country level; * To function as a resource for the training of DDR specialists

Operational Guide to the Integrated DDR Standards

The Operational Guide to the IDDRS contains condensed versions of the Integrated DDR Standards (IDDRS), highlighting  practical steps for the planning and monitoring of DDR programmes. The Operational Guide to the Integrated Disarmament, Demobilization and Reintegration Standards (IDDRS)is intended to help users find their way through the IDDRS document by briefly explaining  the key guidance contained in each IDDRS document module. The Operational Guide was produced by the Inter-Agency Working Group on DDR (IAWG – DDR).

Briefing Note to Senior Managers on the Integrated DDR Standards

The briefing note is intended for senior managers who play a role in peace negotiations, as well as in the assessment, planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of peace operations and recovery programmes that have a disarmament, demobilization and reintegration (DDR) component. This briefing extracts key strategic and policy guidance from the Integrated DDR Standards.